Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Which Concrete is best?

I'm often asked which concrete is best? And isn't stamped Slippery? Given 3 choices. Stamped Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Broom Finish(coloured or plain). With broom finish the broom creates roughness and openings in the surface that allow salt and water to permeate the surface and find light weight or iron stones that create popouts. Read more on popouts at srmca.org. Popouts then gather salt residual that can reactivate with rain all summer and turn into shaling. We highly recommend Acrylic Sealer to slow or stop this. Exposed Aggregate has already had the surface paste removed, (the process includes Acrylic sealer) so stands up well in our climate, stamped doesn't have those pores that absorb salt, and is sealed with Acrylic. If looked after stamped first exposed aggregate second can look best. There are situations where stamped shouldn't be used with lots of slope, but if done right, gritted properly, the look can outweigh the few slippery days, plus a small pail of sand can be used to eliminate slippery on those days when required. But we love all concrete at Rockscapes when looked after. Check us out at www.rockscapes.org. #‎yxe #‎saskatoon‪  #‎trustedsaskatoon #‎concretecontractor #‎saskatoondriveway #saskatoonconcretecontractor